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You don’t need us to make your website

Making websites better

A bold statement? Definitely, considering we’re a web design business. Let me be more specific though:

You don’t need us to make your website. You need us to make your website great.

It’s never been easier to make a website

There are tools appearing every day that help people with no technical skills make websites. Recently I’ve noticed that many of them are actually really good now. I have a hard time giving reasons why people should not start a website using one.

It’s never been harder to make a great website

Those 1000s of websites that come online every day, mostly using website building tools? Most of them are just ‘OK’. Is that what you want for your business? We don’t think so. But very few businesses can make their websites great without some help or an outsider’s perspective.

Great websites are much more than pages with text and images. It takes a trained visual eye to make it a pleasing experience for visitors. It takes planning skills to make sure everything’s covered and structured properly. It takes an understanding of how visitors behave or think, so you don’t frustrate them. It takes some good writing so visitors actually engage in what you’re saying. And so on.

We don’t just help business owners make websites. We help them make their websites great. It sometimes means we’re not involved from the start on all website projects. It sometimes means we can’t influence the whole website anymore.

But that’s OK. It’s not about us. As designers we’re here to make things better. It just so happens that websites are one of the most important things businesses need to be better at. And we’ve got the skills to help.

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