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What makes a good business website?

Let’s say you’ve made you’re own business website, or you’re about to make one. It’s fairly easy these days, with the tools available online. But how do you make it a good website?


Our top five things to pay attention to are:

1. Visually interesting

A website must be appealing, polished and professional. Appealing because you need to attract and keep your visitor’s attention. An attractive website is far more likely to keep them there once they arrive. Polished and professional because it’s your your silent ambassador. It’s often the first impression a potential customer gets of your company.

2. Clear about its purpose

“Why am I here? What is this place?” It’s too easy to forget to tell people what you actually do, or what your website can do for them. We still see websites that neglect this. They assume it’s obvious, or forget people don’t know. Only the committed visitor will dig around to find out. And they’re rare. So you’re potentially turning people away without a clear statement of purpose.

3 Easy to use

It’s crucial your website is easy to read, navigate, and understand. Sounds obvious right? Well sit silently with someone while they use your website and then say so.

Remember to:

  • Make the navigation logical and simple
  • Keep important information within easy reach
  • Use consistent layouts
  • Buttons and links should be descriptive, not assuming
  • Make sure it’s mobile friendly

4. Encourage action

What good is your website if it’s visually interesting, clear about its purpose and easy to use if nobody does anything? You need visitors to take action – get in touch, buy something, sign up to your newsletter, comment.

That means things like:

  • Make sure your ‘calls to action’ are prominent and well placed
  • Suggest action in your text, don’t wait for it
  • Make it easy to take action, with forms, links and buttons

5. Reasons stay & return

As well as visitors taking action, you also want them stay a while and to come back. They need reasons to do this. What do you have to hold their attention? Do you have a blog with useful or engaging articles? Do you have useful resources and tools they may need? Do you update your website frequently with case studies, photos of products and so on?

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