Website design & development

Websites that are enjoyable, reliable and easy-to-use

Our website building platform of choice is Webflow, which offers a powerful combination of high-end design customisation and a code-free editing environment. It’s faster and easier to build with, which makes sense for both us and for you.

High-end design

Reliable & secure

Easy to use

Cost guide

These are starting prices for Webflow projects, where the technical scope and design detail are relatively standard.

Development only

Landing page: £1,000+vat / $1,200
Website: £3,000+vat / $3,700

Design + development

Landing page: £2,000+vat / $2,400
Website: £5,000+vat / $6,200
Based on: Landing page = 1x custom page / Website = 3-5x custom pages, incl. CMS template.

Why Webflow?

There are some good reasons why Webflow is a strong choice for your website.

Technically advanced

  • Integrate with external tools
  • Powerful native CMS
  • SEO-friendly tools
  • Link external data (API)

Better for design

  • Non-restrictive design
  • In-house design team friendly
  • Easy interactions
  • Dynamically build pages

Reliable & secure

  • Robust hosting (AWS & Fastly)
  • No maintenance
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Well-resourced, ($140M, Q1 2021)

Easy to use

  • Non-technical editing
  • Free, quality tutorials
  • Visual, code-free interface
  • Staging & version controls

Saves money

  • Very fast to build & update
  • Low operational costs
  • No maintenance
  • Low management needs
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