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Rocketspark website design

As an official Rocketspark Design Partner, we’re experts at designing beautifully simple websites using their platform.

About Rocketspark

Rocketspark is a website builder tool that makes it easy for anyone to have a great looking website and keep it updated with fresh content. Our Rocketspark website design services are aimed at helping small business owners in the UK maintain a website they can be proud of.

Add other tools

Rocketspark supports a large range of website add-ons.
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Our Rocketspark services

Below is a guide to our pricing. Please get in touch for an accurate quote.

Standard Website Design


  • Professional ‘brochure’ website
    This option gives you a professional looking ‘brochure’ website (and blog) on Rocketspark.
  • Design included
    We propose a design style suitable for your needs, created specifically for your business but based on Rocketspark’s tools and capabilities. That includes 2-3 page layouts to indicate how your pages might look across the website.
  • We take your feedback
    Feedback would help finalise the design, which would be used as the basis for creating all pages on your website.
  • Up to 10 pages
    We build up to 10 pages from your supplied content, finalise the detailing and launch the website for you.
  • Over to you
    At that point we give you a login (so you can update it yourself when you want) and you would start paying Rocketspark subscriptions.

Custom Website Design

From £2,500+vat

Everything in the Standard Website, but a completely custom design solution with multiple design styles to choose from and allowance for a higher level of detail.

See examples of our website designs

Add e-commerce

£400+vat (setup)

When building a Standard Website we can add an online shop function. The Setup option is suitable for smaller shops, where we create the payment system, add the first product and give you instructions on how to add the rest yourself. This keeps our costs to a minimum.

For shops with more than 20 products, we suggest you prepare and supply them as a CSV (spreadsheet) which we can upload. We can advise you on how best to do this, and we would need to quote on a case by case basis.

Add languages

£800+vat per language

We can set up and add each language alongside your English pages. Please note this cost does not include translations or Rocketspark charges (they will charge you an ongoing website subscription for each extra language, minus a 50% discount).

Content copywriting

£100+vat per page

We can help create your page content with a writing service. You tell us about your company and services or products, and we will write professional quality page content for your website.


We’re not a specialist SEO company, so we don’t offer full SEO services. However, specialists cost a lot of money, so we like to help people get started with simple SEO work – keyword research, content advice and page optimising. Please get in touch as we would need to discuss your needs before we can quote this.

Web hosting & email accounts

Web hosting is included in Rocketspark’s subscriptions, which are separate to our costs. If you would like your email accounts to be set up on Rocketspark too, their costs are detailed on their website. If you need us to help set these up please get in touch with your requirements.

Logo design


We can design a professional logo for your business. Please see our Startup page for details and examples.

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Do you offer advice on page content?

Yes, we’re more than happy to give our professional opinion or make suggestions if you need it.

Is linking my social channels included?

Yes, we will add buttons to your social channels as part of the package.

Can I take payments?

Not as standard. You would need the E-commerce Website service for this, unless you only have only 1 product or service to sell.

Is SEO included?

Our website packages only include best practice website optimising and general advice. See the section on SEO above for details.

Will the website be mobile-friendly?

Yes, all Rocketspark websites are mobile-friendly as standard.