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Create a professional, sales-focussed website you can manage yourself with our Rocketspark website design packages.

Rocketspark website design

As an official Rocketspark website Design Partner, we’re well positioned to help create great Rocketspark websites.

Rocketspark is a website builder tool that makes it easy for anyone to have a great looking website and keep it updated with fresh content. Our Rocketspark website design packages are aimed at helping small business owners in the UK maintain a website they can be proud of.

Why Rocketspark?

Super easy editing


Fast & friendly support

Our design packages

Standard Website

From £1,200 +vat

Using your content we would design and build you a simple, effective ‘brochure’ website (and blog) on Rocketspark. We would show you two page layouts to indicate proposed page styles. Your feedback would help decide on an agreed style, which would be used as the basis for creating all pages on your website. We would build the pages, finalise the detailing and launch the website for you. At that point we would give you a login (so you can update it yourself when you want) and you would start paying Rocketspark subscriptions.

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E-commerce Website

£1800 +vat

Same features as the Standard Website but with an online shop added. We will add up to 20 products from your photos and text, ready for you to start selling.

Custom Package

From £2,500 +vat

If you’d like something more custom than our packages above, we can give you a quote specific to your needs if you contact us via the form below.


We’re not a specialist SEO company, so we don’t offer full SEO services. However, we know specialists will generally start at £500-1,000 (plus ongoing fees) so we like to help people get started for a lot less. We provide some simple SEO work in this area – keyword research, content advice and better page optimising. We would need to discuss your needs before we can quote this though.

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Do all pages have to look the same?

When we say “decide on an agreed style” we don’t mean all pages will have exactly the same layout. Each one will be designed individually, based on the content. The “agreed style” is simply a design approach, not one layout.

Do you offer advice on page content?

Yes, we’re more than happy to give our professional opinion or make suggestions if you need it.

Is linking my social channels included?

Yes, we will add buttons to your social channels as part of the package.

Can I take payments?

No, you would need the E-commerce Website package for this, unless you only have only 1 product or service to buy. But please ask us about this before making any budget assumptions.

Is SEO included?

Our website packages only include best practice website optimising and general advice. See the section on SEO above for details of our separate service.

Do you have a lower priced option?

If our packages are outside of your budget levels, we can still help for less if we can reduce our involvement. For example, if you set up most of the pages yourself (based on our guidance).

Will the website be mobile-friendly?

Yes, all Rocketspark websites are mobile-friendly as standard.