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Custom design & production of executive recruitment packs

NFP Consulting works with charities and non-profits all over the UK on executive recruitment and retention.


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Adobe InDesign

The challenge

Executive recruitment requires a more custom approach, and one requirement is to distribute a candidate job pack for each role. These packs offer a brochure-like summary of the role and key organisational information.

NFP wanted to raise the design their packs, and emulate the brand of the recruiting organisation (their client). However, as a small recruiter this wasn't something they were able to do in house.

The solution

Using a semi-templated approach, we have developed an efficient, fast process to supply these custom packs for NFP on an ongoing, as-needed basis.

With supplied content and client brand assets, we customise a standard pack layout and page plan to the client, for each pack produced.

Job packs completed