Calendly integration and workflow setup for webinars

Bird are resilience experts for the not-for-profit sector in the UK.


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Workflow setup


Google Calendar

They now have one web link they can send out for each webinar, to show real-time availability.

The challenge

Bird came to us in need of technical help to create an integration and workflow between Calendly and Google Calendar that aggregated time slot availability. They needed a way to show customers the real-time availability of 7 different webinars, according to the calendar availability of their 5 facilitators.

The solution

The setup involved creating Team and Round Robin workflows in Calendly, integrated with each facilitator's Google Calendar. The result is that Bird now have one web link for each webinar they can send to potential customers, so they can see real-time availability of time slots to book.

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Hannah Massarella, Founder of Bird
As a really non-technically minded person I find set up particularly hard, but Mark could just run with everything we asked him for.