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How to get your new website to appear in Google

We create a lot of websites for startups and new businesses. High on their list of priorities and expectations is appearing high up on Google. Yet it can be hard to manage expectations, so here’s some very basic information on the subject.

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How to name your business

“Why is this so hard? It’s just a name…”

Naming things is very hard. If you have children or pets you’ll know this already. Naming a business is harder as it’s something you want others to love as much as you do and many find it one of the hardest parts of starting up.

However, if you’re kicking yourself for not being able to crack it, annoying friends and family with endless desperate ideas and muttering something like the quote above, you’re probably over doing it.


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How to get the perfect domain name for your business

If you’ve got the name for your new business, the next step is to secure your domain name. You may even want to do this before you form a limited company, just in case the available choices affect your name decision.

It’s also well worth doing a bit of research on namechk.com to see if there are social names available for your preferred domain choice.


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Get your business on Google Maps

Get your business on Google Maps

This morning I helped a client get his business listed on Google Maps. He’d become very interested once I’d told him a while ago how I’d done it without too much trouble, and that I was now appearing in local search results.

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