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Torstone website

Keeping a global FinTech company’s website modern and representative of their brand.

Torstone’s website isn’t a critical part of their marketing, but as an international FinTech company it’s important to them to keep it modern and up to date.

Having not updated the design for a number of years, they asked us to analyse and plan some strategic changes in 2017 without starting from scratch again. Having been their marketing support team since their launch in 2011, we already had a good understanding of their needs and values.

Update highlights

New homepage

The front page was reworked to highlight their main features and each ‘section’ was given much more of it’s own space.

Mobile friendly

The previous website’s pages weren’t set up well for modern screen sizes and mobiles, so we widened their layout and simplified them to one main column.

More impact

To lift the design impact of the general pages, we added in a feature header to every page.

Improved typography

We increased the size of most text and headings across the website, to improve readability on modern screen sizes.

“A big help to our marketing and branding.
Adds some real polish to the execution.”
Torstone Technology

Going multi-language

With an increased focus on the Japanese market, Torstone also took the decision to add translations of their website pages.

Adding any second language to a website is challenging, as it is effectively doubling the number of pages. They can be time-consuming to create, but you also need to factor for a larger website to manage in the future.

There are also some technical challenges of having two language sets. It’s important for a visitor to have a smooth and consistent experience, both in selecting a language and then remaining within it during their visit. This sounds simpler than it actually is to implement, and we worked through these little kinks to deliver a polished experience for visitors.

Client background

Torstone are a global company providing post-trade processing technology to financial clients through their Back Office System product, Inferno. We’ve been working with them since their days as a tech startup in 2011.

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