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We’re a small, friendly and straight talking team of designers

Est. 2006

We help our clients boost their brand marketing with simple, business-led designs and targeted support services. We do this across all media using creative thinking, good planning, strong technical ability and above all a can-do attitude.

Our aim is to help clients deliver more through their brand communications, adding engagement through creative, detail orientated design.

Meet the team

Our small team is made up of two very capable designers, each with over 20 years industry experience. We also work with trusted technical partners for the more specialist parts of projects.

Mark Bowley

Mark is a brand designer first and foremost, but is also adept at building websites and digital marketing workflows.

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Nathalie Bowley

Nathalie excels in creating detailed business brochures and publications, as well as other marketing assets and materials.

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With 20+ years as designers we know what makes successful projects and working relationships.

What we believe in


We don’t compromise on good quality design. Design is more than just polish or decoration, it’s critical to your brand success. If it’s good it will motivate and convert potential customers, and it will build trust and loyalty in your brand.


We give it to you straight. If we make a mistake we’ll say so and sort it out. If we think there is an alternative workable solution, we’ll suggest it. If we can save you money we’ll let you know.


We won’t talk down to you. We like to build a good working relationship, helping you achieve your goals. We’re reliable, we know our stuff, we have years of experience and we’re fun to work with.


We like design but we’ll always put you first. We’ll consider your needs and goals and create designs that work for you and your brand.


We will keep it simple. From planning and research to design and development, we will focus on simple solutions. No mumbo jumbo, no heavy laden technical jargon. We believe the simplest answer is often the best.

Saying no

Yes, we do. If we don’t think your project or your business is the right fit for what we do best, we will say so. No one would come out happy if we were to do otherwise.

We aim to partner and collaborate with our clients, not just work for them.

Who we work with

We also work with many small, independent and startup businesses.

We pride ourselves in having happy customers who recommended us and give great feedback.

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