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Why your website needs a care package

Websites need a care package

You have a shiny new website, or you’re about to build one. But what are your intentions are for maintaining the website once it’s done? Mostly when we ask clients this question the reaction is the same – a puzzled look, or the email equivalent of one.

There’s a big assumption that once a website is built, it’s done. It’ll keep on working fine, and you can keep adding stuff and using it without concern until you want a design change.

But websites need a care package, just like your PC. You can set it up correctly with the latest software and know-how, but over time there are things that will happen which affect the stable running of a website.

Just like with your PC…

You will continually add new content
Gradually, by adding more and more content you’re tasking your website with an ever increasing file management problem. Eventually adjustments or checkups will need to be made. Then of course there is the question of backups! Groan, yes we all fail to do it until it’s too late. Even if you have a copy of all the original text and photos you added to your site somewhere, putting it all back together as a website can take a huge amount of time – unless you implement and maintain a good backup tool.

The software needs updating from time to time
Most websites uses anything from 1 to many pieces of software to make it run and work. All these pieces need to be at a compatible level, but the challenge is they are often made by different company’s, who release updates at different times. The other problem is the makers of the different internet browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) keep updating their software too, which can affect how your website performs for each user.

Internet attacks do happen
Yes, there are unscrupulous people out there sending out nasty stuff that is designed to bring down or enslave your website, or the server it is hosted on. Now it’s very rare for a small, low traffic website, but if it does happen it will need immediate and often laborious attention to fix.

Is it worth risking?

Most likely you will wait until something goes wrong before asking for help, and that works fine some of the time. But what I’m urging you to think about is how important the smooth and continuous running of your website is to your business.

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