Tasty new website creation

What did we do this summer? Well of course we went away, got outdoors, and generally had some fun under the sun grey, rainy skies. But we also enjoyed making our latest creation, a new WordPress website for Last Drop Distillers. We enjoy an occasional fine drop here (strictly for medicinal purposes of course), so this was a project that raised some excitement…

Last Drop Distillers are a small but different company in the high end spirits market. They’re not in it to compete with all the other producers – they are retired professionals from the industry who seek out forgotten casks and barrels hidden in Cognac and Whisky country. When they find a hidden gem that has wow factor, they package it for sale around the world.

Why the new website?

They had come to a point where they knew their old site was holding them back, both from a structural point of view and also because they knew the design could be much more modern. Expansion into new markets and new products in the pipeline meant the website more than ever needed to be fit for purpose.

Last Drop homepage

Our approach

The first thing we did was set about creating a visually rich website that both conveyed the high quality of the products and evoked the right atmosphere to go with them.

Next, we simplified the way the site worked by keeping all the information for a product all on the same page. For example, we put the relevant Tasting Notes for a product on its page, rather than separate.

The other main thing we did was create more of a storyline structure for each page. The most interesting thing about the company and their products is the background story. The founders have a fascinating story and so does each product. So it made sense not to be brief or matter of fact. The story is the selling point in our view.

As usual on our WordPress projects, Dave Wilkinson did a top notch job of the programming.

The result is not only something we’re pleased with but also the client. There will be more detail added over time, but the foundations are in place now. The only drawback to the project is that it got our taste buds going…

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