Our mission is to help businesses get more value out of their brand assets through better design.

Improve your website

It’s critical these days to keep your website up to date with the modern times, ensuring it’s fit-for-purpose. Website visitors expect websites to be regularly updated and continuously modernised now, beyond what they expect of other brand marketing channels. If yours doesn’t work as well as other modern websites, your credibility is at stake and you may loose potential customers.

  • Custom website design & relaunching
  • Ongoing website improvements
  • Startup websites
  • Website management & maintenance
  • Website training

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Modernise your brand identity

Does your brand identity fit with your target audience? You can’t hope to target everyone, so it should communicate the right message for the right people in order to be effective. In today’s world of visual content, people expect to understand a brand’s value as much from their visual identity as from their actions. So keeping yours up to date, polished and on-target is critical to your credibility and success.

We help businesses and organisations by modernising outdated brand identities and by supporting their ongoing brand building efforts.

  • New brand identity designs
  • Brand identity reviews
  • Ongoing brand support
  • Startup logos
  • Stationery design

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Top class service, excellent designs and a really collaborative approach to getting the best possible results.
Shivani Smith, NFP Consulting

Transform your documents

It’s important to make sure your business documents are well designed and engaging, whether they’re for sales or not. In a world where people are inundated with information, you can’t afford to just throw something together anymore. It needs to be on another level, which means good design and good detailing.

  • Custom design & artwork production
  • Layout of content to your brand style
  • Output as interactive PDF or as print-ready artwork
  • Print sourcing & management

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Create branded visual content

Businesses everywhere are learning that adding visual content helps get their communications noticed. It’s a fact that information with a visual element creates much higher engagement levels, and your documents or web pages could do with the same treatment if you want your audience to pay attention.

We know tools already exist for you to make your own social media visual content, but for longer term content – web pages, documents and publications – they need to be more polished. With our skills and experience we consistently deliver high quality visual content for our clients.

  • Add visual impact to your graphs & charts
  • Individual graphics & diagram design
  • Infographic design
  • Data visualisations

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Without doubt the most user-friendly and creative design company I’ve ever used.
Local Partnerships

Get ongoing support

We work with many companies as their external marketing director, so to speak. If you can’t afford to hire someone full time and have loads of small-but-important brand and marketing tasks you can’t quite get done, you can hire us.

We work on small, monthly retainers and will help with the strategy and execution of your marketing and brand building efforts. And by having multiple clients it allows us to take things we learn elsewhere and apply it to helping market your business too.

  • Monthly support plans
  • Marketing strategy & advice
  • Creative design tasks
  • Website improvements
  • Plus much more…

Sound interesting? Let’s talk and see if this is right for you.

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The right balance of quality support at a manageable cost level.
Twilight Zone Engineering

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