Torstone Technology’s website

Torstone Technology's website

In early 2013 Torstone were a year into their startup business. They asked us to review their initial website in light of new marketing objectives they had planned.

We actually created Torstone’s first website in 2011, along with their branding when they started. It was quite basic, but designed to serve simple needs in their first year of business. However, for their second year and beyond, they realised they would need something better.

But we didn’t need to start again – the first website served as a solid foundation on which to improve.

Client background

Torstone are a global company providing post-trade processing technology to financial clients through their Back Office System product, Inferno. We’ve been working with them since their days as a startup in 2011, to support and guide their digital marketing efforts.

What helped this project is that Torstone put some good thought into what they would need, then asked us to recommend solutions based on our skills and experience.

Their requirements

  • A lot more website content would be produced in future, which this needs to be easy to manage
  • Visitors need to be able to find content better with the main navigation
  • The homepage needs to be more impactful and help inspire visitors to find out more about our core services

Our recommendations

  • Migrate the website to a content management system (WordPress)
  • Re-work the primary navigation with the addition of a submenu
  • Add a visual focus on the homepage – a feature image with subtly animated text
  • Add a visual call to action menu on the homepage, linking to information about the core elements of their offering

They listened to what we wanted our brand to represent, and delivered. We’ve had many compliments on the website.
Alex Rafinski, COO, Torstone Technology

The results
Torstone have been very happy with the solutions we implemented, and is currently meeting all their needs. The improved visual homepage makes a bigger impact on visitors. The content management system has given them much more control over the website. View the full website at

Torstone Technology website homepage
Skills: Web Design | Website Improvement | Brand Development
Client: Torstone Technology