Don’t be afraid to spend on your branding

Don't be afraid to spend on your branding

We’ve all heard the mantra before. “Treat your brand an investment for your business, not as an expense”. But why is this true?

In my recent article How to start your startup with good design, I suggested 3 important things to think about when deciding on your startup or small business brand identity. Here I’m going to expand on the first of those.

One of the easiest and hardest things to do as a startup is spend your budget wisely. You consider all the things you need to do to get going, and make choices. But which ones are needed and which aren’t?

Designing your business brand identity is one of these decisions, and I feel the pain many startups go through wondering whether to go cheap or invest on this. I can’t make that decision for you (after all there’s no rule book that says this is how you do it) but I always try to explain the benefits of doing it properly.

You’re worth it

Wouldn’t you say your new, amazing startup idea is worth the investment? You’ve been bold enough to start this thing, so why compromise on an area that will form a major part of your customers’ experience, and that they will likely judge you by? An analogy would be being brave enough to decide to build you own house, then deciding not to engage an architect, to save money. If you ever watch Grand Designs on TV you will know this never ends well, with disappointment resulting from big compromises and lessons learnt.

You’re new here

It’s also likely you will be competing with existing businesses and brands, even if your business is a new idea. Their brands will already be established in your customers’ minds, and they will also have had time and budget to get their brand working well. So you will need to start off with something strong and that can compete on a level with them.

You don’t need to spend a lot

Reality check. Even though we’re using the word “investment” a lot here, we really don’t believe you should be spending a lot on your startup brand identity. A reasonable investment in your business will go a long way, and that’s something we at Bowley Design have been aiming to offer for some time now – affordable quality. What does that mean? Well it’s about not trying to offer you things you don’t need, but focussing on creating a top-notch design that suits you and your market perfectly. Ask us about it if you’re starting a business, or ready to take your startup to the next level.

If you’re a startup but without much budget, take a look at our Startup Services.

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