Creating Getting Equal’s first website

One of our recent projects has been a first website for startup consultant Jane Cordell, who describes herself as a “Deaf leader and change agent building a society which benefits from difference”. She now works as a consultant under the name Getting Equal.

Jane has been a pleasure to work with, and really engaged in and enjoyed the process of creating her website – and important factor in successful outcomes. She was even good enough to sing our praises too.

Here’s a little bit of insight into the process and thinking behind what we created for her:

The main objectives

  • Make it easy for visitors to easily find the guidance and support content on the site
  • Display videos of Sign Language, to offer more guidance and support
  • Clarity, simplicity and ease of use in the design, to provide good accessibility
  • Allow users to easily contact Jane, to book her for speaking and writing

The homepage

Getting Equal homepage
The homepage is kept simple – just introducing Jane and what she does, and then offering links to content within the site that answers common needs of her likely visitors.

Other details

Getting Equal detail 1Some of the details you can see here are clear introducstions and visual signposting for the main pages, and the way call-to-actions were treated.

We also supplied Jane with a basic introduction to WordPress, the content management system Getting Equal runs on.

WordPress development work was done by our friend Dave Wilkinson.

Getting Equal detail 2Visit the actual site at

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