New for 2014

New services for 2014

New for 2014

This year we’re going to be offering some new packaged services, aimed at cost-conscious small businesses and startups.

They’re not really new actually. They’re services we’ve been supplying for years. However, offering them as packages will help make them more accessible and streamlined – allowing us to offer them at better rates. Read more

New work in 2013

Lots of interesting work has been happening in the last few months here – we’ve just been so hard at it we’ve not had time to report!

Geek Squad

Geek Squad websiteGeek Squad’s UK operation needed a website relaunch for two main reasons – to make it fully responsive (displaying and functioning well on any mobile device) and to incorporate their new offline visual branding. Mark acted as the lead designer with a small team working in-house at Carphone Warehouse’s headquarters, working closely with two developers and a project manager.

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What to consider when starting an online shop

Starting an online shop

Starting an online shop has never been easier. That’s a fact. But however tempting it is to plough straight in, you still need to make some smart decisions up front.

Although you may want to start simple, scaling these things once you get started requires some, well… answers from the future. No, this doesn’t require The DeLorean for a research trip. Instead, just think about it. Properly. Your future self will thank you for it.

So, to help you, below are the main questions we ask anyone looking to start in e-commerce.

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