How to find photos for your blog

Blog photo source list poster

The best business blogs use images to grab attention, convey a message or just liven up their posts. However, we often get small businesses asking us how they can find good images that aren’t going to add much to their running costs.

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What to consider when starting an online shop

Starting an online shop

Starting an online shop has never been easier. That’s a fact. But however tempting it is to plough straight in, you still need to make some smart decisions up front.

Although you may want to start simple, scaling these things once you get started requires some, well… answers from the future. No, this doesn’t require The DeLorean for a research trip. Instead, just think about it. Properly. Your future self will thank you for it.

So, to help you, below are the main questions we ask anyone looking to start in e-commerce.

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Why websites need a care package

Websites need a care package

You have a shiny new website, or you’re about to build one. But what are your intentions are for maintaining the website once it’s done? Mostly when we ask clients this question the reaction is the same – a puzzled look, or the email equivalent of one. Read more

Get your business on Google Maps

Get your business on Google Maps

This morning I helped a client get his business listed on Google Maps. He’d become very interested once I’d told him a while ago how I’d done it without too much trouble, and that I was now appearing in local search results.

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